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Our bottom line mission is to deliver the most accurate Football Picks to our clients every week dur
 College Football Handicapping

College Football Handicapping System That Works

College Football is a much different beast to conquer than any other sport. It's very different from the NFL by nature and in principle. Handicapping College Football takes a lot of time to master and most importantly, patience. Here at NFL Choice, we have been winning our college football bets for over 14 years running and have developed a finely tuned system to guide us through each game. We are now sharing this opportunity with you and giving you a chance to get all of our College Football System Picks for the upcoming season.

Our unique scientific NCAA handicapping system utilizes a complex method to calculate the odds of any game being played on the field . Since, the point spread distributions are much larger in college football, we use a higher numbered calculation method than our NFL Handicapping System.

This scientific College Football handicapping system is built for the bettor who is looking for weekly college football picks that are both successful and documented. It combines the expertise of college football handicapping with extensive data analysis to form a full proof college football betting system that is available to you each week of the NCAA football season. How it works is simple.  You relax, enjoy the games, and bet the college football plays we post in the Member's Area of our website.  The NCAA football system picks that we post each week have gone through a rigorous research process of intense calculation by our analysis team and review by our college football handicappers.  Each release will have an applied Rating System
that indicates exactly how much you should bet. This systematic selection process has performed strong since our inception in 1996. In fact, our college football handicapping system picks are a highly profitable 61.4% Average Winning Rate since 1996 for a profit of over +66,000 Net Units (-1.10 Odds). $100 per game NCAA bettors have averaged $5,125 during the NCAA seasons, while our $1000 per game NCAA bettors have brought in over $50,000. The return on investment for this package is unmatched and unparalleled in the college handicapping industry. 
View our documented college football handicapping records dating back to 1996.

"Why do I need your college football handicapping system picks, I can win my college football bets just fine"?

Were not saying your not a good handicapper or a bettor, and you may be successful at what you do. However, any successful handicapper knows they can get better, and more importantly win more college football bets. It's the handicapper or bettor with ego that ultimately fails to strive for excellence, and hopefully this is not you. Just like any successful athlete, success is a life-time pursuit and takes consistent growing, learning, adapting, and achieving to win. Without an exact methodology applied to your college football handicapping, ultimately you are simply doing guesswork. Our system takes this guesswork out and puts you in the drivers seat of success. College football handicapping is tough and it takes precision to master. Many handicappers will claim that a 55%+ winning percentage in college is impossible. Keep in mind, these are the same handicappers that lose more than 50% of their bets - are too egotistical to try new handicapping methods - and refuse to take advice from anyone but themselves. Don't let this be you. 

Having a scientific, step by step system when handicapping college football will ultimately breed success and hitting a 58%+ winning percentage every season is not "impossible", in fact, we have been exceeding that percentage for over 14 years consistently using this exact college football handicapping system that we are offering to you today.  Don't waste another minute, view this week's premium college football handicapping system picks available now!

It's a fact, Vegas has the edge on every NCAA football bettor. 

When determining the spread for any college football game, the vegas oddsmakers have nailed this to a science. They have spent hours creating and maintaining intelligent statistical databases that calculates millions of different algorithms in association with multiple betting factors and trends. What type of databases do you have? Therefore, they have the upper hand on the general betting public and most handicappers when it comes to college football betting.  However, they don't have an edge on us!  We have exceeded 60% winning rate every season since our inception and our clients have enjoyed the success with us. 

Handicapping by using trends and statistics alone will ultimately fail you.

As experienced, successful college football Handicappers, we know that trends and statistics can often cloud perception and force most bettors to lean to a certain side when betting on college football games. But, you must be careful if this is your strategy, because any historical ATS trend or statistic is just that, it's only a trend my friend, and it can't be the only thing assessed when analyzing college football spreads. While we do understand that trends and statistics do matter, however they only tell a part of the story. Thousands of other handicappers out there base their complete game analysis based on trends and statistics, and this is a huge mistake that will get you nowhere in your college football handicapping. Excellent research using a proven system coupled with trends/statistics is the key in winning your college football bets, and we have the turn key solution just for you.

Our College Football Handicapping System Works, PERIOD!

For over 14 years, we have been on the winning side of our college football bets at a remarkably consistent rate. That's why we have developed a long term college football investing solution that is championed upon solid money management and a consistent attack throughout the football seasons. Below, we have a quick preview of the method of calculation that we use to handicap college football games.  We use this method for every analysis we put together and every college football pick we release.  The process can consume a 40+ hour work week just preparing for the the weekly NCAA card. Do you have this kind of time to put into your bets each week? Learn more about our handicapping process for picking NCAA games. 

A quick preview of our successful college football handicapping system that we use for every pick released to our clients. 

A quick preview of effective calculation method from data analysis. 

A quick preview of applied results using our college football handicapping system. 

Don't waste another minute, view this week's premium college football handicapping system picks available now!

We have 24/7 customer support available so please give us a call toll free to discuss any of our college football handicapping options 1-866-940-7425.  Or, simply email us at support@nflchoice.com and we will promptly respond.  Click any of the following links to view our football handicapping picks and package options. We have daily, weekly, monthly, and season options to choose from. 

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